162569_home_heroAnother year, another Australia Day!

I know a lot of people who follow my blog are actually outside of Australia, so no doubt are curious about what the heck this “day” even is.

Australia Day has a couple of meanings. The first and most important is the traditional meaning. It marks the anniversary of white settlers in Australia in 1788 who founded our nation. Of course, the country was already founded by Australian Aboriginals who have lived across Aus since the dawn of time (or The Dreamtime to be exact – you can look it up if you want! Take a moment to learn a traditional story, they’re so creative!)

In a modern sense, it’s a day where we celebrate diversity, and for me it’s a day where I reflect on my family’s long history in Australia, what it means to be a woman in this nation and how lucky I am to have such great opportunities without so much as a second thought about my safety or other global issues.

It can also be a time of unrest for our nation as some unfortunate individuals take this time to protest their vision of our nation, which can sometimes lead to violence and hate. However, we always try and focus on the best things… like cooking lamb on the barbie!

So whether you are in Aus, or outside, Happy Australia Day, mate.

Why ‘mate’? Because we’re all mates ‘ere. Too right! Catch ya later!