Hello everyone!

For the busy peeps, I’ve summed this blog up:

As I’m sure you can well imagine from the title, I have taken a lot of time and hours of thought and decided that I cannot release Stories of the Past at the expected deadline. Currently, I have no official release, I’m content in just saying 2017 for now.

For those who are happy to hear me go on:

This last month has been quite challenging for me personally and professionally. I’ve had a lot of people mention that I haven’t been promoting my books as much and that I’ve sort of lost the light. I haven’t lost the light, I just … put it somewhere and can’t find it right now.

It’s what I do.

The year is counting down and 2016 has been a great year… but a completely stressful and hair-ripping year as well. Due to the days left coming to a close, I would like to continue working on my book at my own pace. I am a huge fan of late November – February (aka Christmas, New  Year’s, Birthday… Summer) and always allow myself these hot months to chill, swim, lay around, think about what the future holds and take all the pressure off. I can work endless hours from Feb-November again, and that’s more than enough. So needless to say, the end of the year isn’t a good time for me to be trying to start a huge project.

I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to make sure this book is the best one yet, which comes with heaps of stress that I frankly am struggling to handle.

Your mental health is something you should never take for granted. Some people eye-roll me when I talk about this subject (oddly … you can talk about gay marriage but not being depressed and anxious? Weird!) but it’s an important one. If you lose yourself down the path of mental health it can be days, weeks, months and even years before you find the light again. And it’s not as easy as “cheering up” or I’m sorry to say it, but “Are U Ok?”

So to avoid all that, I’m cutting myself a break. Yes, I will 100% still be working on SOTP in the background when inspiration hits, but I won’t feel the pressure to have an entire book finished, edited, cover designed, text designed, legally verified, ebook’d, promoted, printed, shipped and delivered in…. less that a few months? Plus two conventions and a possible book signing? AND REGULAR WORK TO PAY FOR FOOD? GAH!!

Thanks for your understanding on this and I hope everyone is doing well!

Happy writing and reading!