We are already four months into 2016 and the year is rolling on. Some of us like new year’s resolutions, some of us despise them. For me, I think it’s a good idea to have goals for the year ahead and personal aspirations, just so long as you don’t beat yourself up too bad if they don’t come to be by midnight on the 31st December!

Out of the, say, ten goals I sent myself every month I probably achieve one. But hey, I achieved it!

So what are my plans for 2016? In fact, what are my plans for the next five years?

M.J’s Fantastic 2016

Keep working on/get to the final stages of writing Stories of the Past

A bit of a no-brainer. I started writing passionately in November 2012, when I stumbled across the idea, I had for BOUND, voiding all my other failed manuscripts. The idea hit me like lightning, and I spent a solid year bringing it to life. After its launch in January 2014, I kept writing and writing. Needless to say, I feel like something is missing in my life if I don’t have a story to work on. I’m so excited to have a new project, daunting as it is to start something NEW!


Keep moving forward in my career/possibly re-locate

I currently live in Brisbane, Australia and have since I was about eight years old. I feel as if my time here has perhaps drawn to a close and I’d love the chance for a new adventure! I tend to make friends wherever I go so I can’t wait to meet a fresh group of people.

Upgrade my wardrobe

A bit of a materialistic one here, but I seriously need some clothes! Winter is coming, people and I’ve been wearing the same shirts for way too many seasons.

Continue getting my health in check

This is a big one. I’m not talking about busting butt at the gym. Like a lot of artistic people, I suffer from massive waves of self-doubt, loathing, depression and general darkness. (Perhaps something I will touch on in another blog). I recently went through a period of this – hence why I stopped blogging for a considerable amount of time. Fortunately, Supanova Gold Coast fell right when I needed it, and I was able to pick myself up a bit.

M.J’s five-year plan

This is a scary concept for me, as I tend to be someone who focusses on the now, rather than looking into the future, but it’s time to break out!


Cheesy, I know. But this has to be the top thing I want in the next five years. I’m very much a person who believes in having a partner-in-crime. I have spent the last five years focussing on university, then on my books. While love was something I’ve always wanted, it took a back seat for a long time, as the people popping up around me seemed more like an obstacle than anything else. I want to change that!


Mind, body, spirit

Too many negative people have entered my life in the last year. And no doubt a handful are reading this and thinking it’s them. Which, hey, it probably is. That just goes to show how vain they are and why they’re no longer in my life, apart from reading my blogs. When you’re an active person, you tend to attract negative humans who want to leech your energy until you can’t give any more. My goal for the five years is to be in a position where I can escape negative people and not be forced to spend day-after-day around them.

(And if you do know someone who is a positive person, and you’re a bit cynical, and they turn on you suddenly: cut them some slack, because they probably go home and cry out all the bad energy you’ve injected them with and you have no idea.)

My goal for mind, body and spirit includes being at peace within myself on all three of the fundamental levels of existence.

Own some stuff/have space

Sad as it is, yes I may still live with these two older roommates that may also be my parents. It goes without saying that I would like to be living somewhere that they are not! Ha-ha, love you, mum.

What are your plans for 2016 and beyond!? I told mine now you have to share! Comment below or link me to your blogs or vlogs! I’d love to hear it.