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Hello everyone!

Sorry for the late blog post about Supanova. I kind of hit the ground running back at work the moment my foot touched the doorway so I didn’t get to share what an awesome time I had.

The Gold Coast weather was fantastic, as always, and thankfully no sneaky end-of-summer, start-of-autumn storms!

I did a record number of book sales (woo!) and almost sold out by the end of Saturday. So many new readers, I can’t wait to hear what they thought of the books and if they enjoyed them.

Also a big hello to all the already recruited Sentry officers who came out to see me and support! It’s always lovely to see you guys, even if for a split second I’m in a con-daze and forget who you are. I remember eventually! ❤

In the meanwhile I’m working hard still on turning BOUND into a TV script, working titled The Guardians (Series #1). The best part about writing it in script format is I can tell a few moments that were in my head, but never in the books, from Leo’s POV. Things such as his feelings before Mellea arrived in his life, how torn up he is about treating her badly and give viewers the same love for him we have! LEO POWER!

Also, yes, I’m still working on Stories of the Past too, my new YA novel coming soon. I don’t know when soon is. I am going to say at this stage early 2017! So look out Gold Coast Supanova-ians, I launched BOUND at Gold Coast in 2014, it may be SOTP’s time as well!

That’s all for now,

Happy Writing!