What a year it’s been.

Part of me thinks 2015 went super quick, and another part is screaming that almost every day was painful. It was a mix of a year both good and bad I had some amazing experiences and met some great new fans for our group.

I’ve learnt a lot over this last year about writing, business, finance, life, family and STRESS. I hope that next year I can have a mello one and just roll with it.

The Guardians Series has been completed. People have asked me if there will be any other tales from the Guardians coming. I haven’t said no as I know there are still some interesting short stories in my head – but I will take some time and think about this. I do have another book working titled The Dream Thief in the pipeline.

I plan to do a lot more vlogs into the New Year as I think they’re fun and they’re a lot easier for me as my brain gets sick of editing all day (writing and editing) because that’s what I do for a living! So let me speak!!

I hope you have the best of holidays and I will be uploading a video most certainly after Christmas of my adventures in Melbourne!

Merry Christmas!!