What happens when MJ listens to her helper who is taking pictures.


Another Supanova has come and gone!

It was a big weekend with three days of selling and signing. I met some great people and I’m happy to say it was the smoothest con I’ve been to yet.

The boxsets that I made in preparation for the event SOLD OUT within a day which is fantastic. There was so much to see that I honestly can’t recall it all, but it was a good time so that’s all that matters!

Not only that but we beat the record for books sold in a weekend!

There were some ups and downs with the weekend ending with me being a total spaz and losing a commission that was drawn for me. *facepalm* Here’s a quick snapshot of it, missing its awesomeness of course!


The artist:

So what’s on the cards now? Well the calendars are on sale via the website along with Liberated and the new book pack! I am also working on two new books, sort of at the same time. I’m trying to decide which one I want to go ahead with in 2016. One is further along than the other but the other is shiny and totally new to me so very distracting.

I’m also organising some more signings and appearances for 2016. Supanova Sydney is 100% happening in June. I’m also chatting to libraries and schools about workshops and events. I will be creating a downloadable pack/info so if anyone is interested in having me, they can get it and share with their groups.

It’s also December so don’t forget your stocking stuffers – may I suggest a Guardian Series novel? 😀