For so long, even having a book was a total dream. Now, Liberated has launched and the Guardians have been set free…

I always knew that leaving my characters behind at the end of the Guardians Series would be tough, but I almost don’t know what to do without these guys.

I think some authors drag out their series (and this is purely my opinion!) because they don’t know how to end it/are scared of what will happen when it is over. I’ve thought about it, keeping my series going that is. I mean starting a new book from scratch is really scary, especially when you’ve had a strong cast driving the last 4 books. It feels almost like a breakup. You’re happy for them, but at the same time are secretly thinking “what would’ve happened if you had stayed in it a little longer”?

The Guardians Series was originally five full length books. However after much drafting I realised that a lot of the same stuff was being repeated, or just didn’t make any sense, after three books (excluding Hidden which is short stories). So I took what I loved about the five and worked with it. I truly hope that people like the ending, and that they don’t feel jibbed or unhappy about investing time to read the books.

I’m looking forward the new adventure of writing characters I’ve never really met before and getting to work them into the story. Sometimes I have to remember that I’m not starting from square one as this isn’t my first book. ^_^ Like I said, sometimes it still feels like a dream.