Hi Everyone!

Firstly, where did August go? Secondly, Liberated is on-track which was the goal for August so, woo!

The first round of editing was surprisingly good. I freak out about everything and was sure it would need far more work than it does. I’m quite pleased.


If you are living in Brisbane or are around the area in September, it’s Brisbane festival time. Which means that writer’s come out to play during the Brisbane Writers Festival which is also included in the festivities. As part of the festival there is a Living Library event where people can come to the Queensland Writer’s Centre and talk to authors about anything and everything. They call it the Living Library, but I call it Authors EXPOSED.

The details will be up very soon via the Brisbane Festival website. I will share more links too on my Facebook as we draw closer.

I’ve also been invited to participate in Genre Con 2015 October 30 – Sunday 1st November. I can’t share details online just yet, but they’re coming!

Also Brisbane Supanova is just around the corner, and the tickets will be available very soon. If you haven’t pre-ordered Liberated yet, the link is below! You can have it posted or pick up from the event.

Oh, and my little super fans: please tell me your name when you come to my booth. Like I’ve said before I remember the names but I’m not a total creeper and stalk your Facebook/memorise your photos so there may be a chance at first I look at you with desperate eyes, struggling to remember who is who!

Take care and look out for more events coming soon! (Yes Melbourne, I’m looking at you!)