It’s JULY?!

Hi everyone,

Somehow, we are 10 days into July like it aint no thang.

I’m working away on Liberated, which includes writing the book yeah, but also the production including getting all my commissionable peeps together (cover, editing, internals) and then I have to get the book together (printing of the books, ebook dramas, creation of posters) and then the actual launch (uploading ebooks, preparing pre-orders, giving out prizes and sending everything to its new home).

Needless to say the work never stops.

I do have great news about my books that are already in existence too.
The Queensland Writers Centre have been so good as to include Bound and Divided in their catalogue for books published in Queensland in 2014.
This means they will be featured before many YA lovers, and BOUND is going in their BFOBY display for one year. This means many, many readers will get to see BOUND in the State Library for 12 months. Amazing!

In the meanwhile, M.J. has a new job too. I’m doing the big girl thing in the city with a little office cubical thingo! Cool, right?

Happy Reading xox