Hi, everyone!

It’s already June and things are crazy. I’m working hard on getting Liberated finished for my editor in August. That’s not many weeks away so the stress is on.

A few people have asked about getting a pre-order. I will 100% be doing them because it helps me see who is keen for the paperback. There will be an option to pick up your book at Brisbane Supanova if you’re attending.

My website has undergone a new look! Check it out.

There are two things different:

1) In the web store there is now an option for the Guardians Pack which includes all three of the main books, available after Liberated’s release. This will replace the Saver Pack which only includes Bound and Divided.

2) The Dream Theif? HUH! WHAT? That’s right, M.J. is writing a new book and it’s up on the website for viewing. I will make a Goodreads later in the year and share more updates once Liberated has been launched.


Happy Reading and Writing!