Available November 2015 – the final chapter in the Guardians Series by M.J. Stevens! 



From the back cover …

‘Which is more important, your faith or the truth?’

After the MECHs dominated Selestia and drove the Guardians underground, the world has finally begun to recover. With society relaxing into a state of harmony, Mellea can no longer deny the truth of what is happening to her. She is becoming a Speaker.
However, as she begins to explore what it means to have a connection with the spirits, more dark secrets present themselves.

With the weather around Selestia turning harsh and unpredictable, it becomes clear that not everyone is happy with the new regime. Doctor has one more trick up her sleeve, and it will cost a Guardian their life.

Being on the ‘same side’ doesn’t mean you can be trusted.

Liberated is the final, heart-racing instalment of M.J. Stevens’s Guardians Trilogy.

Excerpt From Liberated (Featured in Hidden)

The Selestia we have known and loved has changed forever. We, the Guardians, cannot take back what has been done, nor can we take away the pain and suffering that has entered the hearts of our citizens.

However, today we will craft a new Selestia for everyone, and share peace and harmony once again.We see a world of armistice, prosperity, equality, fairness and respect.

We implore you all to accept these changes, embrace them. Let us not be ashamed or fearful of the MECH population, for they too are Selestians.

We will protect this new structure, nurture it, and allow it to grow and flourish. We will lead with compassion in our hearts and understanding in our minds.

Today, I declare peace.

Spirits be with us.

– Lord Guardian Neros, Poridos City, Calming Day Official Announcement

Elentia and Noran