Hello all!

Wow, so it’s like two weeks into the new year. How does this keep happening?

If you follow my Facebook I’m sure you will have seen the updates about Liberated. Basically, I’ve been through the ringer and back with this book, feeling the pressure for it to be good so I don’t disappoint you all! This is part of the reason why I’ve decided to launch Hidden first.

After much deliberation over Liberated, I have decided that I’m stripping back the story. Why? Because I made it so complicated I actually started to forget huge parts of the story myself. Not good. I got to … almost the end, and realised it couldn’t be ended because there were too many lose ends. The last thing I want to do is miss out on the basic points that were set up in Divided for this book, things such as [SPOILER ALERT] Mellea’s gifts, what happened to Doctor, Blue and much more. These points I’m going to cover first and work back. So, I have taken down the synopsis for Liberated from Goodreads for now, because it’s going to be different than I first wrote.

It’s going to be much more epic than I originally thought. Hint: The tables have turned.

By they way Hidden is now up on Goodreads and I’ve written it’s blurb! I’m literally working with my designer now on cover stuff and it will be released in February! Add to your list NOW!