Hi Everyone!

Well it’s October, already, somehow. As most of you know I have been working on my promotion for DIVIDED which includes getting it into libraries with it’s BOUND friend, applying for author talks next year, getting materials ready for future conventions and so forth. I have decided that I am going to write LIBERATED before my other projects and have rearranged my schedule on the website. I just feel like I can achieve more when Mellea and the Guardians get out of my head.

FutureProjectsI have started drafting both The Story Closer and The Dream Thief. So far they’re about equal when it comes to which might be next after LIBERATED. The Story Closer is the new version of a very old story I had in my head when I was trying to draft what is now BOUND for years. The Dream Thief is a totally new story inspired by something someone said to me about me haunting their dreams. “Sorry ’bout that!”

They both will be single stories, not part of a series. I have my fingers crossed majorly that I can have Liberated ready for my Guardian Gang (lol, like that?) by March, but I am feeling so overwhelmed by things right now, my life has gone a bit haywire, so I won’t promise anything at this early stage. Plus both Bound and Divided were/are getting released in 2014 so that’s major. Normally you would have been forced to wait a good 12 months or MORE for book 2, and of course anywhere up to 2 years for book 3. COUGH DIVERGENT COUGH. I hope I can do it though. Keeping in mind it takes a few months just for editing and over design and printing! So I would probably need it to be finished by January … which is sort of scary!!

This week I have been frustrated by Facebook. They only show your posts to all of your likers if you pay money. On my admin page I can see how many people have got the post, and out of 208 likers only 5-10 see what goes up. I don’t really mind that so much for twitter stuff, that gets relayed to Facebook. But my big announcements like the advanced copies of Divided, I was really unhappy to hear people didn’t see the message until this weekend and it’s been over a week (and man have I been posting about it!) So if you follow this blog or plan to, do it. I don’t post more than once a week so you won’t be spammed. Usually they’re big posts like this one too so you get all your goodies in one.

I do have a post that I will put up for next week: 10 Things Changed From the Original Draft of Bound!

I hope everyone has a good week!


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