Voters, I could kiss you … but I won’t because it’s still flu season!

BOUND is totally smashing it! Mellea & The Gang (haha) are sitting at 18 out of (earlier there was an error) 252 books for New Series of 2014 and 41 out of 215 books for Smart Heroines for Smart Teens!! So now Mellea is 40 places behind Katniss Everdeen. Insanity! All I can say is thank you, really, but hey if anyone voted and wants a free bookmark or something, let me know! I’ll shout you the 70c for postage! Just comment “I voted”  on my Facebook and shoot me a posting address via page message. ❤ ❤

If you would still like to vote, here are the links:

And just a reminder that the $5 off BOUND promotion ends this THURSDAY!