Hi everyone!

Sorry if I’ve been MIA this last few weeks but I’ve been quite busy. I’m working on getting DIVIDED ready (which includes: Proofing, ordering, turning it into an ebook, website set up, convention prep …) 

I will be attending Brisbane Supanova in November with my copies of DIVIDED and of course BOUND and will be hoping to see some of the people that were at Gold Coast in April. And new people of course!

I’ve also been reading reading reading! I call the time that I am writing a book; like full on writing for 3 months “Blackout” it’s where I have trouble absorbing new stories, even movies, because my mind is listening to itself. That sounds super psycho. Anyway, so I am jotting out Liberated but I’m taking my sweet time so I can read more.

Currently I am enjoying The Winner’s Curse and the next book on my list is The Maze Runner before the movie release! It’s all happening on my goodreads

If anyone is going to Oz Comic Con in Brisbane, let me know! I’ll be there on Saturday. I normally cosplay but this year I’m going “Normal”. I will be photographing cosplayers though 🙂