I love a good joke. In fact, I live for jokes. Nothing is better than a laugh. However, cracking a yarn in real life is different to writing it down on paper. It’s sort of like when you and a friend go out for lunch and something hilarious happens, you go home to tell your partner and end up saying, “I guess you had to be there.” 

Not everyone writes funny well; some people know this and don’t try, others think their funny when their not. There are different kinds of chuckle worthy ways of writing. Some examples are below:

The Straight Joke

This is when you plain and simply write a joke. “What is black and white and read all over? A newspaper. Ha. Ha. Harrrrr.” These jokes can be funny and tacky at the same time. They’re great for characters with a really basic sense of humour. Just makes sure you get them right so the readers can scoff along with you.

The Funny Description

“His eyes look painted on, they’re not blinking or moving. As he stares into my soul, sending shivers up my spine, he reminds me of a disturbing manufacturing reject doll someone gave to charity because it was terrifying children. Now it’s back for revenge.” – Divided, M.J. Stevens

Man I hope you found that funny because it’s mine!! I love describing things in weird ways. Just go with it and see what comes of it. The world is full of freaky people and when you describe them, half the time they come off kind of funny.

The Smarty Pants

There is nothing better than getting a character to use and overly smart word, and then have others make fun of them, or have everyone burst out laughing. Dialogue is such a fun place to make easy and funny images for readers.

Body Language

Only half of our communication is through words. Use that body language! How does she stand? What kind of face would he make? What does she look like when she is stuck between that overgrown bush and barbed-wire fence? For every comic you need a straight-man, someone to play off the jokes, whether they support them or shut them down, it’s funny.

Read me

It always helps to read your jokes aloud. See if they sound funny to you. And when you’ve edited it many, many times: leave it and come back a few weeks later. If you read it and laugh to yourself, forgetting how clever you are, the chances are readers will too.

 Happy Writing!

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