This weekend’s author talk went rather well.

I was almost expecting two or three people, but thankfully the number was around ten (not including staff – woo!) The questions weren’t hard but they did make me think. And I managed to get a few sales as well which is always nice.

One of the main themes that kept coming up was how young myself, and another author JFR Coates, were to be published authors. Now, being an indie author, I kind of tilt my head to the side a bit when people say that. Everything that I have, which is not a lot; to do with my writing career, I made myself. So honestly, I think anyone could do it if they tried. Modern technology is a beautiful and powerful thing. I’m just using the tools I have.

 It’s really nice to see people supporting indie work because we’re keeping the beautiful paperback alive! (If you’re not just an ebook author). In my case, every book I sell goes towards helping make the next one – printing materials, promotional materials, convention payments and of course the printing of the book!

I’m looking forward to meeting more people on the 3rd August at Carindale Dymocks! 

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