Hi Everyone!

Well the book tour hosted by Xpresso Reads has come and gone. When I signed up, I was like “May? Oh em gee that’s long way off!” Now it’s over. Life is so funny that way. I was blessed to have some very talented reviewers taking the time to read BOUND. And even luckier to have some of these people enjoy BOUND. Here are only a couple of such wonderful comments: 

Truthfully, I’d wait a year or two or ten for the next book. Why? Because this book is that good, because Ms. Stevens writes that good, and because I want to know what happens of course!” Miriam, (5 stars)

“How long tell the next book? I need it now! Wow this story was amazing. I love how it had everything I love in a book, a touch of romance, fantasy, and sci fi all mixed into a fantastic story line. I was caught up in the action and the characters a great young adult novel and I am on fire for the next book.” Jan Farnworth (5 stars)

Another aspect of the book that I really liked were the characters. I really love all of them, both good and bad. It added some spice to the book. Each of them had a distinct quality and voice to them.” Nurafidah, MetInEleven (4 stars)

Thanks guys. I love you all.

Joke poster for DIVIDED. The MECHs are scary but… so are arts students!

Now, DIVIDED. DIVIDED. DIVIDED. DIVIDED. (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!! — Brady Bunch… no? Okay never mind). DIVIDED is almost finished! Yes. I swear. I am hoping to send it to my editor this week for slashing and red pen madness. At this point I will say that I am on track for the December release. The DIVIDED novel will end on less of a cliffhanger to give me time to write the final installment, plus write my new book – totally un-Guardian related. I’m looking forward to writing this new tale. DIVIDED is bigger than BOUND currently sitting on just over 81,000 words (BOUND is about 67,000). So more Mellea & Leo, more MECHs, MORE DANGER! 

I will be releasing info on my new book mid-year. It’s for YA readers who are okay basically with the age & style of BOUND and also for readers just a tad younger as well. It’s a PG-13 novel – in other words. It’s fantasy and involves magic and other worlds. 

Happy reading!