Hello everyone!

I just thought I would post an update about what is happening this month so everyone is in the loop. 

DIVIDED: My second manuscript is nearly finished. However it has been slightly stalled due to the fact that I have a new job and I’m unlikely to have two days off in a row. So this might take a few weeks to adjust to. But I’m really, really fingers crossed hoping that I can have an inspiration burst and get it done before the end of April as my editor is waiting for it. At this point I’m still feeling confident about making a November deadline for December release.

NEW JOB: Yeah as stated above I have a new job. Amazingly, a lot of people ask me what I do (when not writing). I do have a Bachelor of Communication from university yes, but at present I use it only for my writing work. I work in retail and have a new job with a baby store that stocks online as well as in-store. So there is plenty to learn especially since I’m without children… what? I’m only 23! 😛

COVER REVEAL: I am planning on doing a cover reveal for DIVIDED in May so I will keep you updated. In the meanwhile there is small snippet attached to this post!


TOUR: The BOUND book tour is now closed and I am SHOCKED at how many people have singed up. At last count it was over twenty committed blogs so thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I just hope they all enjoy the book…