I took a road trip yesterday to The Gold Coast to see fab indie and traditionally published authors at a massive signing event!

It was so good. I met some great ladies and, of course, came home with heaps of books and swag. It was a great experience for leaning how other writers present themselves and gave me a chance to practice my very awkward face-to-face speaking skills. “Yeah *cough* I actually just, ah, published my first novel… self-published… oh it’s YA. Yeah. Mmmn.’ 

Nice one. Nice one. -Facepalm-

So check the events tab to see if I’m heading to something near you! I have two massive weekends coming up and I’m also hoping to have DIVIDED to my new editor in April. Phew. Thank you to those who sent me info about the Newcastle Writers Fest. I’m actually from there (childhood) so I was keen to read about it. But sadly it falls on the same weekend as Gold Coast Supanova. I don’t live at the Gold Coast by the way. I just seem to be driving there a lot. o_O

Enjoy your weekend!